How your blog is going to build your business

by Carl Natale on January 24, 2011

Blogging is bacon to search engines. They can’t resist blogs – which also can encourage customer loyalty and retention. But do not blog unless you can convert readers into customers

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* We buy solutions that help us improve our lives.
* How do you help your customers improve their lives?
* Turn your blog into an instruction manual
* People are searching for answers to their questions not your business


Why you should blog less

by Carl Natale on January 19, 2011

I find a lot of people asking me how often they should update their blogs. Part of me wants to tell them that they should blog as often as possible. The more they blog, they more content they create. Which means: That’s better for SEO value. More people should be able to find your blog. […]


Why you don’t have to be sexy, tasty or dangerous

by Carl Natale on January 17, 2011

There are three topics that just about everyone wants to read about: Sex Food Danger It would be great to blog about any of these topics. Your topics are traffic magnets. But most of us are writing about more mundane, everyday subjects. Like what you sell. You can try metaphors and analogies. “Three ways our […]

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What do you want to know about blogging?

by Carl Natale on January 13, 2011

I ask because I’m going to be speaking about blogging at the next Social Media Breakfast. Also on the agenda is Rich Brooks and Chantal Young. Here’s what they have to offer: Rich Brooks is founder and president of flyte new media, a Web design and Internet marketing firm in Portland, Maine. His monthly flyte […]

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How to screw up an idea

by Carl Natale on January 7, 2011

Remember the Social Media FTW conference last year? I was there. The most interesting moment for me was during Nicole Ouellette‘s introduction to blogging presentation. (BTW, if you ever have a chance to hear Nicole speak, take advantage of it. She’s smart and thoughtful) While Nicole was explaining the virtues of WordPress and that there […]

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Do you have time for content clients?

by Carl Natale on January 6, 2011

Like I said, there are two types of people with blogs. To help the people who aren’t bloggers, I created the On Blogging Newsletter. But I realized there is a benefit for the bloggers. You know. The people who know everything I put in the newsletter. If you’re already plugged in to the newest WordPress […]


Why blogging will not save your business

by Carl Natale on January 5, 2011

OK, I’ve established that blogging is NOT dead. Basically because it’s a way to explain how you can help your audience. That is called getting your foot in the door. Remember the rest is up to you. You need a product that people want to pay for. And you need to be able to deliver […]


Why we’re keeping blogging alive

by Carl Natale on January 4, 2011

I’m not sure why they say blogging is dead. Instead of piling on, I decided to help save blogging. I’m in good company.   Chris Brogan launched a business designed to help keep your blog alive. WordPress is encouraging you to post daily. It’s possible we’re in denial. Here’s why I’m right No matter what is […]


How to improve your blog

by Carl Natale on January 3, 2011

There are two types of people writing blog posts: Bloggers People who have a blog because someone (like me) told them they need one for their business I’m a blogger, and I’m writing this post for those who fit into the second type. It’s not a bad thing to be a non-blogger with a blog. […]

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