Does this blog make my content look old?

by Carl Natale on May 2, 2011

I am writing this post Monday morning. May 2. 2011. This must be pretty important information because Martyn Chamberlin says the date is one of the six biggest problems with our blogs: Early on, I decided to remove every single date on my blog, including the comments. As a result, when folks read something I […]

3 secret blogging tips that will get you more readers

by Carl Natale on February 23, 2011

If you want to get more people to read your blog, here are three blogging tips that will help. Make a list Promising a finite list of tips or ideas is blogging gold. It lets people know you have specific advice and it ends. Putting the number of list items in your title tells readers […]

Why you need to choose a model for your blog

by Carl Natale on February 18, 2011

It will help you write if you think of your blog as an instruction manual. That mindset helps you: Define your audience Choose your content Make it easier to blog That’s the model I chose to discuss at January’s Social Media Breakfast because it’s an easy idea to execute for the audience – mostly creative […]

What I said about blogging at Social Media Breakfast

by Carl Natale on February 9, 2011

Grab some bacon and enjoy the video from the Social Media Breakfast on Blogging for Business. You will learn some great tips about what it takes to build more business with blogs. I’m up first but be sure to stick around for Rich Brooks and Chantal Young. I’m so glad I got the chance to […]

Is your content right for the world?

by Carl Natale on February 7, 2011

Focus on your ideal reader (customer) when writing. Keep your connection to him or her. That connection stands a better chance of transferring around the world than if you go generic.

Why you need to write every day

by Carl Natale on February 2, 2011

When it comes time to publish a blog post, it’s easier to finish something you started on a previous day if you write every day.

There are four ways external links can help your business.

What I learned while sharing my blogging lessons

by Carl Natale on January 30, 2011

[slideshare id=6737510&doc=smbme-110128135700-phpapp01] I thoroughly enjoyed explaining blogging strategy at Friday’s Social Media Breakfast. Anytime I can speak about blogging for business, I have a great time. More importantly, the audience got a lot of great information to help them. I did learn a few things about blogging and presenting. Here are a few of my […]

I’m qualified to write this because I’m one of the blogging experts presenting at this morning’s Social Media Breakfast. It’s not like I’m being censored. But I only have 20 minutes to talk. Which seems like a long time until you start to make slides for everything you know. So I spent most of my […]

Guidelines that help you write your blog

by Carl Natale on January 25, 2011

Sometimes it’s a struggle to figure out what to write in your blog. There are some decisions you need to make first. What is your brand? Before you write a word, you need to understand what is your brand. That defines what you will deliver to your customers. And that is what you need to […]