How your blog is going to build your business

by Carl Natale on January 24, 2011

Blogs are like bacon to search engines

Blogs are like bacon to search engines

Blogging won’t save your business. But you can use a blog as a marketing tool that leads to new customers. Here’s how.

It’s like cooking bacon

When someone tells you that a blog is a SEO tactic, they mean it will help people who use search engines find your business. To realize these benefits you need to:

This is like bacon to search engines. They can’t resist the smell. By doing this you will get your website in front of consumers – those are the people who want to buy your stuff.

You will become an expert

OK, that word “expert” is kind of a loaded term. I see a lot of downside to calling yourself an expert. But there is some research that finds people who call themselves experts get more traffic.

I’ve been a fan of the term “tour guide.” It suggests you’re going to show your audience something new. It also sets a more friendly tone.

There also a new term bouncing around – content curation. Basically it involves finding and sharing the best content with your audience. Which I believe used to be the definition of blogging.

But look at it this way. Really an expert is just someone who knows more than you. If you can show your audience something new, they’re going to see you as an expert.

Of course this is a chicken vs. egg issue. If you call yourself an expert (or some sort of authority), people are more likely to click through to your content. My advice is to use whatever titles your are qualified to use in your industry. Usually the word master is part of it. Also be ready to explain what that means.

Use your title and teach your audience something new. This will keep people coming to your content.

Blogs become a referral engine

Because you’re an expert, audiences will trust your opinion. And your opinion is they need to buy from you.

Your customers will be more loyal

Some of you are in the business of durable goods. Those are the things that last a long time – cars, appliances, mattresses, homes. What that means is that they don’t buy them very often. So it’s hard for those businesses to form relationships with their customers.

If you can create content that attracts your customers, you can build relationships with them. This may be a better done with e-mail and social media than blogging.

The goal is to remind your customers why they bought from you. So when they do need a replacement or know someone who needs your durable goods, you are the first person they think of.

Why you shouldn’t blog

Do not blog unless you can convert readers into customers.

None of this matters unless you can convert. Don’t forget that your blog is a marketing tool. It needs to lead to sales. This is what you need to do:

  • Lure them to your site with content
  • Teach them something new
  • Interact
  • Form a relationship
  • Ask them for something

It’s important to understand that the line between reading your blog and purchasing is not a straight line. Sounds like I’m trying to lower expectations and have an excuse ready when your business doesn’t take off because of a blog.

Blogging is only part of your marketing strategy. You need to pay attention to all aspects of your business.

  • Keep costs down
  • Keep your eye on quality
  • Be the best sales rep you can be

This is the takeaway

Blogging can do a lot to attract audiences and deliver your message. But you need to follow through and make sales.

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