A troll by any other name…

by Carl Natale on March 1, 2014

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc

First, commenters who are jerks are jerks in real life:

According to a new study published by University of Manitoba researchers, Internet trolls – people who commonly lurk on message boards and post offensive material to get a rise out of people – exhibit anti-social behaviour in their offline settings as well.

via Internet trolls are jerks in real life too – Features | The Star Online.

Second, when they’re being jerks in real life they’re using their real names.

So what makes you think that requiring real identities will clean up reader comments?

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Why Amazon just lost my business

Greetings from Maine. This is to inform you that I will not be purchasing anything from Amazon.com. This is a direct result of your unwillingness to pay any advertising fees to associates in Maine. I understand that you need to make a political statement by refusing to send any money to Maine residents. To help […]

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Three anthropologists walked into a Starbucks

I don’t need a degree in anthropology to tell you that the local Starbucks staff is very friendly and well trained in welcoming customers. But apparently it helped three anthropologists figure out that Starbucks was friendlier than local coffee shops in Boston. What’s really interesting is how Kevin Hartnett begins writing about it in Boston.com: […]

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Domino’s redefines pie in the sky

This example really isn’t that practical, but Domino’s Pizza in the United Kingdom has a video showing how to deliver pizza with a drone. This is probably a publicity stunt to get people to share a Domino’s video. But it’s a good start for people looking to innovate their delivery business.

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Three things I did NOT make up today

1. “Hitting squirrels with a gun is hard. Hitting them with a golf club is much easier.” 2. Small plane lands on Maine Turnpike, takes off again 3. Hitler’s food taster tells of poisoning fears

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Seven things I need to do more of

I’m convinced these are the things that will make my life better.

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Boreal Design Inukshuk for sale

The Boreal Design Inukshuk was my first kayak. I had many great adventures paddling around Casco Bay. It was stable in active seas and a joy to paddle. I also was able to fit everything I needed for island camping trips. I’m selling it because I bought another kayak that fit me better. The Inukshuk […]

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Good bye Google Reader

Google announced today that it is going to discontinue Google Reader. There goes a major dashboard for me. My Google Reader has feeds that keep me up to date on: Maine news Steelers Political news Business advice Miscellaneous updates It’s a clean interface that is available to me from any browser. It’s much easier to […]

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Revenge of the online news editors

I’ve been publishing online since 1997. And one of the consistent criticisms that never went away is that the online newspaper operations were never profitable. And this came from journalists — not the business side of newspapers. These stalwarts of the left-wing media conspiracy (you do see the sarcasm here?) became rabid capitalists. My answer […]

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Why reader comments aren’t what you want them to be

I’m thinking the problem is that we expect too much out of reader comment systems. The flaws are inherent in the system. What if journalism used reader conversation systems?   Gawker’s new comment system Will it help or hurt the site’s young writers?

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