Why blogging will not save your business

by Carl Natale on January 5, 2011

In case of emergencyOK, I’ve established that blogging is NOT dead. Basically because it’s a way to explain how you can help your audience. That is called getting your foot in the door.

Remember the rest is up to you. You need a product that people want to pay for. And you need to be able to deliver for less than that price. Don’t forget marketing – beyond the blogging.

In short, there’s more to a successful business than a blog.

It needs to be said because a lot of us (blogger for hire types) forget what we can do for clients. We tend to promise a bit too much.

Like improving sales.

Honestly, I can’t do that for you. That is in your hands. I can help you with the tools that will give you a chance to improve sales. But there is too much about this that depends on you.

Probably  shouldn’t have said that because it puts a cap on how much I’m going to charge you. But it’s better to explain now that a blog won’t save your business now rather after we make a deal.

I will help you as much as possible by sharing information, sending you my newsletter and working with you on a content strategy. But this is in your hands. And isn’t that why you are in business in the first place?

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