Why we’re keeping blogging alive

by Carl Natale on January 4, 2011

The pulse of blogging

Blogging is clinging on to life. Find out how to make it stronger.

I’m not sure why they say blogging is dead. Instead of piling on, I decided to help save blogging.

I’m in good company.   Chris Brogan launched a business designed to help keep your blog alive. WordPress is encouraging you to post daily. It’s possible we’re in denial.

Here’s why I’m right

No matter what is alive, dead or flavor of the week, you need to be able to tell people about your business. It used to be called advertising. Now it is advertising. And networking. And social media. And storytelling. And public relations. And blogging.

These aren’t mutually exclusive ideas and tools. You can use your story in all of these media. It just depends on where you can find your customers.

I’m sticking with blogging because it’s a good way  to put your story into words. It’s then possible to take those words and put them to work in other media.

Blogging isn’t dead

It’s probably in line for a makeover or name change. But it’s strong enough to help keep your business alive.

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