The core benefit of content marketing is that it enables you to show people that you are an expert. You do this by sharing your knowledge and insight. Thanks to the Internet, we have countless ways – blogs, Twitter, email, etc. – to show that expertise. It also gives us access to audiences at an […]

Content curation is the act of monitoring many sources of content and sharing only the best sources.

Do you have time for content clients?

by Carl Natale on January 6, 2011

Like I said, there are two types of people with blogs. To help the people who aren’t bloggers, I created the On Blogging Newsletter. But I realized there is a benefit for the bloggers. You know. The people who know everything I put in the newsletter. If you’re already plugged in to the newest WordPress […]

Thank God you’re not an expert

by Carl Natale on November 12, 2010

I’m doing my best to avoid using the word expert. It’s got too much baggage. I understand there’s a lot to gain by being seen as an expert. Notice that when you follow this approach, your audience views you as an expert, not simply as a pushy vendor. Your audience will be disposed to do […]