Why you don’t have to be sexy, tasty or dangerous

by Carl Natale on January 17, 2011

Why you don't have to be sexyThere are three topics that just about everyone wants to read about:

  1. Sex
  2. Food
  3. Danger

It would be great to blog about any of these topics. Your topics are traffic magnets. But most of us are writing about more mundane, everyday subjects. Like what you sell.

You can try metaphors and analogies. “Three ways our widgets are better than sex,” for example. You can’t do that every entry though.

So what do you do when your business isn’t very sexy?

Stop worrying about it.

You’re in business for a reason. Which is, your customers need your solutions. They’re out there right now asking friends and Googling (or Binging) for something that will help them. They don’t need it to be sexy or tasty. Safe would be nice.

Why boring is the new sexy

Remember, people want what you are offering. Otherwise you wouldn’t be in business. If you are writing about what they want to know, they won’t think it’s boring.

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