I understand the value of SEO. You need to use language that matches what your audience is entering into search engine queries. But sometimes you can go too far. Consider this paragraph from a post that pays more attention to keywords than readability: When you are looking for a merchant account to grow your business, […]

There are four ways external links can help your business.

How your blog is going to build your business

by Carl Natale on January 24, 2011

Blogging is bacon to search engines. They can’t resist blogs – which also can encourage customer loyalty and retention. But do not blog unless you can convert readers into customers

If you want to improve your SEO with links,  there are some linking tactics to avoid. I’m surprised to read the first way to waste your time on SEO is to comment on other blogs: While commenting on relevant blogs can be a good way to build relationships with blog owners, it is a horrible […]