Social Media: Not just for breakfast anymore

by Carl Natale on September 12, 2011

There is a lot everyone can learn by going to Maine social media events.

You may never be off the clock when on social media

by Carl Natale on June 27, 2011

Probably my biggest takeaway from Friday’s Social Media Breakfast was the realization you are going to become journalists. Or at least be held to held to a pretty high standard when it comes to social media. I know this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with social media in highly regulated industries. But many […]

Base your business on trust not social media

by Carl Natale on June 24, 2011

“This is a business soley based on trust.” That’s what Scott Whytock, owner of August Wealth Management, LLC, an investment advisory and financial planning firm, said about financial planning at Friday’s Social Media Breakfast on social media in highly regulated industries. That’s probably the most valuable thing I heard in the morning. Yes, all the […]

Four reasons why paper beats digital notebooks

by Carl Natale on March 1, 2011

I’m guilty of killing trees. Despite all the searchability and coolness of digital documents, I insist on taking notes with paper and pen. And I’m not alone. Check the Twitter conversation generated by Social Media Breakfast and you will see a few references to the dead tree notebooks. I can’t speak for them but here […]

7 e-mail marketing takeaways from Social Media Breakfast

by Carl Natale on February 27, 2011

There were some pretty good lessons shared at Friday’s Social Media Breakfast on e-mail marketing. Let me dive right into some takeaways: Everyone has an e-mail inbox And we’re obsessive about it. Always checking it. That kind of attention is gold. That’s part of what makes e-mail marketing so valuable. But watch for changes. People […]

What I said about blogging at Social Media Breakfast

by Carl Natale on February 9, 2011

Grab some bacon and enjoy the video from the Social Media Breakfast on Blogging for Business. You will learn some great tips about what it takes to build more business with blogs. I’m up first but be sure to stick around for Rich Brooks and Chantal Young. I’m so glad I got the chance to […]

There are four ways external links can help your business.

Guidelines that help you write your blog

by Carl Natale on January 25, 2011

Sometimes it’s a struggle to figure out what to write in your blog. There are some decisions you need to make first. What is your brand? Before you write a word, you need to understand what is your brand. That defines what you will deliver to your customers. And that is what you need to […]

What do you want to know about blogging?

by Carl Natale on January 13, 2011

I ask because I’m going to be speaking about blogging at the next Social Media Breakfast. Also on the agenda is Rich Brooks and Chantal Young. Here’s what they have to offer: Rich Brooks is founder and president of flyte new media, a Web design and Internet marketing firm in Portland, Maine. His monthly flyte […]

Action is an important part of interaction

by Carl Natale on November 20, 2010

Sorry but I didn’t write this Friday like I promised. But after writing the blog entry about Bob O’Brien’s presentation at Social Media Breakfast, I had another writing commitment and a chauffering commitment to a teenager. But enough about me. You want to learn what Rob Hatch, COO at Human Business Works, had to say […]