Why newspapers are in trouble

by Carl Natale on March 1, 2012

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How valuable are Twitter followers?

by Carl Natale on December 27, 2011

If your employees are running your social media accounts, do you really own those accounts? If the answer is obvious, why is suing former employee Noah Kravitz? is an ecommerce site selling mobile phones that also has a blog. Kravitz wrote for the blog and the Twitter account @PhoneDog_Noah. While tweeting, he gained […]


Maybe conversation is overrated. Which is a strange idea in this social media era. Tools are constantly evolving to let us talk with another. And there are a lot of sales reps who make their money because of their ability to talk with prospects and customers. So advice on using social media as engagement and […]


How to find blog ideas when inspiration is lacking

by Carl Natale on December 15, 2010

I don’t know what to write today. I have no blog ideas. So I’m going to skip writing today. I tried. Honestly. Here’s where I looked: RSS Feeds: I have an impressive library of RSS feeds that I monitor. That’s where I found this great post on finding blog ideas from  Duct Tape Marketing. Which […]


Why timing matters for Twitter campaigns

by Carl Natale on October 7, 2010

There’s some research out that suggests that tweets only have a lifespan of an hour. After that, people are unlikely to act upon it. If you are looking to get retweeted and nobody picks your tweet up within the first hour, chances are that nobody ever will. Only 1.63% of all retweets happen in the […]


Why needs to change

by Carl Natale on September 15, 2010

Twitter is scheduling a major upgrade of its website. Because of its minimalist approach (140 characters and nothing more), Twitter has been a text medium. It all changes soon. Soon you will be able to see all those videos and photos that people are tweeting about without clicking through the shortened URLs. This video does […]


How to run a Tweet Chat

by Carl Natale on August 16, 2010

So I have this idea of using Twitter to host a “radio” talk show. Use it to “broadcast” and converse with your audience. Basically this would be a Tweet Chat. Here’s a fairly good collection of tips for chats: Be that as it may, Tweet Chats are another way to get the word out about […]


Social media terminology can sound a little creepy. When you get a bunch of emails about people who are following you or want to be your friends, you kind of feel like you’re setting yourself up for stalking. You can use this stalking behavior to attract clients with Twitter: Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing […]


Is Twitter changing anything?

by Carl Natale on July 17, 2010

As usual, John Dickerson has a very thoughtful piece in Slate. This examines how prominent Republicans are using Twitter: The most successful adopter is Sarah Palin on Facebook. She’s been posting messages on the social network for months. This week she endorsed Karen Handel in the Republican primary in Georgia, which drew a sharp response […]


Why #WickedWednesday

by Carl Natale on May 26, 2010

Well I’m declaring this #WickedWednesday in Twitter. I know someone already has declared it. But I’m taking it over for my own selfish purposes. What am I going to do with it? Well I’m going to show very little extra originality and mimic #FollowFriday – but two days earlier. This is the day I’m going […]