Why Twitter.com needs to change

by Carl Natale on September 15, 2010

Twitter is scheduling a major upgrade of its website. Because of its minimalist approach (140 characters and nothing more), Twitter has been a text medium.

It all changes soon. Soon you will be able to see all those videos and photos that people are tweeting about without clicking through the shortened URLs.

This video does a cute job of explaining it.

Mashable does a nice job also.

This is a needed move. A lot of content moves through tweets, and this is a way to capture some of it and the attention span of users. As Mashable notes, it looks a lot like Facebook.

I’m thinking it’s headed more toward something like paper.li. I like the way it displays photos and videos that get mentioned in my network.

This is where it’s going. The next big thing is sites that take our social media feeds, prioritize the items and display them nicely. Twitter and Facebook need to take the next step to offer an option that does this instead of displaying content in a first-in-first-out stream.

Do you think this is where the New York Times social news and Google Me are headed?

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