It’s your First Follower who does most of your work

by Carl Natale on November 1, 2010

I picked up this cool piece of SWAG at the MaineBiz Momentum Convention last week. It’s plastic holder of tiny sticky notes. The strips come in seven colors – which should appeal to the organized labelers out there. It appeals to me because I’ve taken to using the tiny sticky strips as bookmarks for business […]

Personal branding is a tricky issue because if you do it too well, you can hurt yourself. This is why. Your personal brand depends on what you have done. And the only way to turn that into money is to keep working because customers want you to solve their problems. If you build value for […]

Social media terminology can sound a little creepy. When you get a bunch of emails about people who are following you or want to be your friends, you kind of feel like you’re setting yourself up for stalking. You can use this stalking behavior to attract clients with Twitter: Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing […]

Good lessons to learn about managing communities

by Carl Natale on April 22, 2010

I was a community organizer before President Obama made it cool. While he did it to make poor people’s lives better, I was doing it to build page views for online newspapers. Now we know why I never will be president. I must admit that I made a lot of mistakes and had some successes. […]