Gathering Knowledge

Content curation is nothing new to journalists. They’ve been scanning news wires and selecting the best to share with readers before Al Gore invented the Internet. So when a journalist from the Poynter Institute shares advice on content curation, pay attention. Julie Moos has great insight on balancing originality with curation and inclusion vs. exclusion. […]

How to find blog ideas when inspiration is lacking

by Carl Natale on December 15, 2010

I don’t know what to write today. I have no blog ideas. So I’m going to skip writing today. I tried. Honestly. Here’s where I looked: RSS Feeds: I have an impressive library of RSS feeds that I monitor. That’s where I found this great post on finding blog ideas from  Duct Tape Marketing. Which […]

How do you cover all the information?

by Carl Natale on December 14, 2010

If you want an example of how social media is changing how information gets distributed, look at the National Football League. Consider these paragraphs from an Associated Press roundup of NFL action (The added emphasis is mine): Running back Tashard Choice apologized via Twitter to anyone bothered by him asking Eagles quarterback Michael Vick for […]

Is it noise or is it signal?

by Carl Natale on November 29, 2010

Sometimes if you’re not solving the problem, you’re making it worse. The trouble is that we don’t always know how to tell the difference between solutions and complications. Seth Godin noted this very succinctly in an eye-opening post: I was talking to a colleague about all the noise out there in the world, all the […]

How to use a filter to stay informed without wasting time

by Carl Natale on November 23, 2010

I like to talk about filters. But what are they? I see a filter as a process that separates interesting, informative and reliable content from everything else that bombards us daily. Let me show you an example. I have Google Reader organized by folders. The folder I label “Inspiring Commerce” has more than 70 sources […]