How to find blog ideas when inspiration is lacking

by Carl Natale on December 15, 2010

How to find blog ideas

If I can't find a blog idea soon, I won't be able to write this post. Oh wait...

I don’t know what to write today. I have no blog ideas. So I’m going to skip writing today.

I tried. Honestly. Here’s where I looked:

  • RSS Feeds: I have an impressive library of RSS feeds that I monitor. That’s where I found this great post on finding blog ideas from  Duct Tape Marketing. Which led me to the next source of blog ideas.
  • Business Conferences I: Jon Janstch advises to see what are the topics that will be covered at upcoming conferences. This is a great idea because the conference organizers have done the research already into what your audience wants to know. If you need to learn more about the subjects, contact the panelists or speakers. Trust me. They would love a little advance publicity for their speaking gigs.
  • Business Conferences II: Actually go to the conferences. Pay particular attention to the questions being asked. If someone dares to ask for help in front of a crowd, it’s likely there are a lot more people wondering the same thing. So answer their questions in your blog.
  • Twitter: Sure you can look at what’s trending. But I’m not in the mood to write about “Rise & Grind” or “Scarlett Johansson.” But I’m more likely to find something in the tweets sent by my network. Specifically I look for any questions they have or links they’re sharing.
  • LinkedIn Answers: This is a great place to find blog ideas. Not only do you gain insight into what your audience wants to know but you can find people willing to speak to the issue.
  • Off topic: Sometimes you have to stop trying to find blog ideas. That’s how I got the idea to write about how Twitter is changing how we research. I decided to read some NFL news when I connected a player’s Twitter apology to how I monitor sources of information.

Basically, I rely on finding what people want to know about improving their business. The Internet makes it easy for them to ask for that help and for me to turn it into blog ideas.

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