Why #WickedWednesday

by Carl Natale on May 26, 2010

Well I’m declaring this #WickedWednesday in Twitter. I know someone already has declared it. But I’m taking it over for my own selfish purposes.

What am I going to do with it? Well I’m going to show very little extra originality and mimic #FollowFriday – but two days earlier. This is the day I’m going to pick a few of my favorite tweeps and recognize them on Twitter with a #WickedWednesday call out.

Why? This is a chance to recognize some interesting tweeps on a day that’s not full of other recommendations. Besides, I live in Maine. So it’s all wicked.

Who is going to make the tweets? I don’t know. Someone who interests and/or informs me mostly. And it’s just a few each week. So don’t feel left out if you’re not mentioned. Maybe next week. And maybe I don’t know about you. I am accepting nominations.

What if I don’t get to you? Well, get over yourself. Really. This is just a Twitter beauty contest and you’re better than that. But there’s no slight intended. Cool and friendly gets you recognized faster than whiny and needy.

When Wednesday rolls around, I will tweet out the praises of a single tweep and space them out throughout the day. Later I will round them up into a blog post so everyone gets some sort of notice.

Why should you care? I don’t know. You’re not going to get any money. Doubt my paltry following will make you famous. But you might find someone wicked.

#WickedWednesday @rachyrach1 because she is just so wrong. But so funny you get over it. Fast

#WickedWednesday I know everyone praises @chrisbrogan but that’s because they’re something from him

#WickedWednesday because @sarahdelage is a great, fun source of news in Bangor

#WickedWednesday @burnsy06 seems to have the same taste in SciFi as me. God help her

#WickedWednesday because @LLBean_PR is a great example of how deliver great customer service

#WickedWednesday because @jdickerson defines what journalism should be today

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