Social media terminology can sound a little creepy. When you get a bunch of emails about people who are following you or want to be your friends, you kind of feel like you’re setting yourself up for stalking. You can use this stalking behavior to attract clients with Twitter: Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing […]

Making sure your freelance price is right

by Carl Natale on August 9, 2010

Setting a price is one of the trickiest part of freelancing. In the freelance world, it can be a bit complex when it comes to deciding what you should pay for copywriting services since ever project is unique. You can set a price per word price or a price per page or document price but […]

This is an excellent post about what expenses you can expect when you launch your freelance career: While most freelancers experience lower start up costs than other types of businesses, nearly all freelancers will wind up having to pay some money to start and maintain their freelance business. In this post, we’ll list some of […]