QR Codes: Can shopping walls boost your sales?

by Carl Natale on November 9, 2011

Shopping walls are an interesting way that retailers can use QR codes to extend their brands and increase sales.

How to tell if your QR code is stupid

by Carl Natale on July 8, 2011

I know I said that QR codes are stupid. But I never declared a death sentence for the “those square, mobile barcodes.” That would be Dan Frommer on His argument is based upon two parts. First, the process is cumbersome and probably non-intuitive. Second, there are smarter, easier technologies that will make QR codes […]

Why Google Places isn’t a smart use of QR codes

by Carl Natale on April 1, 2011

Honestly, I’m not celebrating the announcement that Google has removed QR codes from Places. Even though I’m on record declaring QR codes are dumb. I agree that Google Places isn’t the best use of the modern-day ink blots. Have you ever scanned a Google Places QR code displayed in a store window? I have. The […]

Why I’m bored with QR codes already

by Carl Natale on March 9, 2011

QR codes are stupid. And lazy. You can’t expect them to do much. After you scan the code on your smart phone, you get a web page with information. Basically they have the intelligence of a hyperlink in a web browser. Click on that link (or scan the QR code) you will be taken to […]

Are your customers creating signal or noise?

by Carl Natale on December 17, 2010

Have you tried Qik? It’s a video network and mobile app. It (and a few more apps) make it easy to take video with your smartphone and put it on the Internet. Live. Once you figure out how video works on your phone, it will be easier for you to post video than it will […]

Focus your mobile strategy on content not badges

by Carl Natale on December 13, 2010

So far, here’s what location-based apps can do for your customers: Foursquare lets you tell your “friends” where you are and become mayor of a business. (Does Gowalla do anything different?) Google Places and Yelp let you review the businesses you check into. SCVNGR rewards you for completing task at specific places. Shopkick gives you […]

There’s nothing wrong with developing a mobile website instead of a mobile app. You have to create the right tool for your audience. There may be some ways you can tweak your site so it acts more like an app: As smartphone sales continue to soar, more and more developers are focusing their efforts on […]

E-mail is king of the smart phone apps

by Carl Natale on August 12, 2010

Let me get this straight. People are using Internet-enabled cell phones to primarily communicate with each other: For desktop Internet users, e-mail may be playing second-fiddle to the likes of Facebook and social games like FarmVille, but on mobile devices, e-mail is still number one. via How Mobile is Affecting the Way We E-mail. The […]

How neutral is the Google-Verizon proposal?

by Carl Natale on August 10, 2010

How bad can it be? If Google wants to ensure we can get whatever we want from the Internet, shouldn’t we celebrate? But the Google-Verizon proposal isn’t creating much celebration in the Interlands. Dan Gillmor has an interesting worry in his Salon column: The right way forward is to have sufficient bandwidth that we can […]

How to use Foursquare to promote tourism

by Carl Natale on July 19, 2010

Janet Meiners Thaeler is highlighting specific examples of how businesses are using Foursquare: Pennsylvania lists over 100 tips and responses about places of interest in the state. They can be found by people on Foursquare and on their web site on Foursquare – Their web site also has a Foursquare section. via Foursquare for […]