Why ecotourism is important to Maine

by Carl Natale on August 25, 2010

George Smith takes a swing at a recent report that recommends investing in experiential tourism. On a broad stroke I have to say that I agree. Invest in roads and communications so visitors have easier access to rural areas. A new report issued by the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) once again touts ecotourism […]

What’s good for tourism is for all of Maine

by Carl Natale on August 12, 2010

Maine Public Broadcasting Network has a story about a report that calls for some infrastructure improvements that can improve tourism throughout the state: The Maine Center for Economic Policy recommends investing $100 million over 5 years to beautify downtowns, expand high-speed internet access and improve roads. via Maine News Archive. I have to say that […]

Writing better directions for tourists

by Carl Natale on July 20, 2010

Before you tell someone where to go, make sure you’re following these simple steps: Who are you really writing for? People who are not from here, maybe not even from this country. People who don’t know the shorthand and common names for things. Your visitors will try to match up your directions to maps, to […]

How to use Foursquare to promote tourism

by Carl Natale on July 19, 2010

Janet Meiners Thaeler is highlighting specific examples of how businesses are using Foursquare: Pennsylvania lists over 100 tips and responses about places of interest in the state. They can be found by people on Foursquare and on their web site on Foursquare – Their web site also has a Foursquare section. via Foursquare for […]