Social Media: Not just for breakfast anymore

by Carl Natale on September 12, 2011

Social Media & Bacon: Not just for breakfast anymore

You don't need bacon to make a social media event worthwhile. (Bacon Beer by uosɐɾ McArthur, on Flickr)

Two kinds of people go to social media events: The usual suspects and the learners.

I’m one of the usual suspects. Not really there to learn a lot. (Although I usually have a takeaway or two.) My main goal is to network. Maybe do some prospecting. The learners are trying to figure out how to use social media at work.

It could be a symbiotic relationship between the two types of people. The usual suspects might catch some business by impressing some learners. And the learners could get some expertise to help their businesses.

This month, the usual suspects like me are going to be busy.  We’re going to be bumping into a lot of learners.

Social Media FTW Fall Conference

Did I mention that I will be moderating a panel of social media experts at the Sept. 22 Social Media FTW Fall Conference (FTW)? It’s a full day of presentations on what your business needs to know. Some very smart people will be sharing their knowledge.

Social Media Breakfast

Social media and bacon. What could be better? Social media and beer?

One way to find out. The next Social Media Breakfast (SMBME) actually is scheduled at 4:30 P.M. Sept. 23. There will be panelists talking about using social media to market local beer. I’m not sure if there will be samples.

But there will be Chris Brogan. He will be moderating the panel, and hopefully adding his ideas. He’s smart and funny. I’m going to learn a lot.

What I hope to accomplish

I love talking about blogging and social media. That’s incentive enough for me to be at Social Media FTW. Although I don’t plan to pitch my services, I do see it as a chance to present my expertise. Then  I can build upon that reputation when I do make my pitches.

And there’s the opportunity to learn something. I don’t have enough ego to think I know enough. There are a lot of people doing good stuff that I need to learn more about. I’m looking forward to hearing them speak and meeting them.

And Brogan is one of those people. I have heard him and talked to him briefly. He makes conversations easy and fun. Being in the same room as him is worth way more than the $16.36 it costs for SMBME.

And I’m looking forward to learning more about beer marketing. It’s an industry that can be fun -not just because it’s about alcohol. But marketing can be edgier. And because it’s lucrative and competitive, there is a lot at stake. So these people need to take more risks. Yeah, I’m going to learn a lot.

My secret agenda

Here’s the reason I’m really going. The justification for every penny and minute spent networking, listening and speaking.

I want to know what are the questions people are asking. Because each question represents a need or a problem. People will be asking questions because they need help.

And those questions could be a sign of a market. In other words, enough questions could help me create products and services to sell. These events are my focus groups.

I hope to see you at either event. And I will be listening for your questions.

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