Social Media FTW Conference

Social Media FTW: Why you need to go to my panel today

by Carl Natale on September 22, 2011

I am very proud to introduce to you this panel of experts on social media today at the Social Media FTW Fall Conference. First off we have Tobin Slaven, owner of Mobile Marketing Maine. He has an interesting perspective on how small businesses can use social media to present their personal brands. It can give […]

Social Media: Not just for breakfast anymore

by Carl Natale on September 12, 2011

There is a lot everyone can learn by going to Maine social media events.

Learn what to do and don’t do when promoting your brand on Twitter.

The Social Media FTW conference is scheduled for Sept. 22, and the organizers are trying to create the agenda of speakers and agenda. I sent them my pitch for a presentation on blogging. Basically, I hope to answer these three questions: What do I blog about? How often should I blog? How long should the […]