Social Media FTW: Why you need to go to my panel today

by Carl Natale on September 22, 2011

I am very proud to introduce to you this panel of experts on social media today at the Social Media FTW Fall Conference. First off we have Tobin Slaven, owner of Mobile Marketing Maine. He has an interesting perspective on how small businesses can use social media to present their personal brands. It can give […]

C.C. Chapman puts on a good show. And I say that with the utmost respect and without any criticism. He is charismatic, engaging, passionate and smart. I say smart because I read Content Rules, the book he co-wrote with Ann Handley. It’s a solid book written by authors who agree with me. I loved the […]

Is it time to polish your logo?

by Carl Natale on October 4, 2010

Logos don’t have to be fancy. So I balked when I first saw a comparison of diamonds and logos. But the analogy works very well. A great logo is like a diamond in that it catches your eye immediately. That’s why I’ve put together the 5 C’s of logo design. Clear Clean Concise Color Creative […]

Why your customers’ personal branding is your business

by Carl Natale on September 29, 2010

What attracts students to apply to certain colleges? Roger Dooley looks at the primary motivation for college applicants: Personal branding. Basically he says that students want to go to a college with a brand that fits into the brand they want to project. An equally important part of the brand effect is that these high […]

Branding is a promise

by Carl Natale on September 27, 2010

Chris Brogan has a must read about personal branding in his blog. He outlines a plan to rock your brand in 2011, but I say it’s good advice to act upon now. Here are a few takeaways and spin on Chris’ advice: “Branding is a promise”: These four words form the center of your branding. […]

You must read Roger Dooley’s post on how marketing can divide people and exploit that. It’s why Apple has become a religion: In neuromarketing terms, our brains are hardwired to WANT to be in one or more groups. Brands that can be positioned to put their customers into a group will find that their efforts […]