‘Do your customers feel like they are part of a group?’

by Carl Natale on August 27, 2010

You must read Roger Dooley’s post on how marketing can divide people and exploit that. It’s why Apple has become a religion:

In neuromarketing terms, our brains are hardwired to WANT to be in one or more groups. Brands that can be positioned to put their customers into a group will find that their efforts will be enhanced by their customers’ own need to belong. In addition, they will likely cultivate a dislike for other brand groups.

via Revealed: How Steve Jobs Turns Customers into Fanatics | Neuromarketing.

I see this as a basic human desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves. That motivates us to form families, go to church, work in certain jobs, follow sports teams and join political movements. How we act on this motivation varies greatly.

Some of us even proudly declare “I’m a Mac.”

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