Branding is a promise

by Carl Natale on September 27, 2010

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I promise this is going to hurt

Chris Brogan has a must read about personal branding in his blog. He outlines a plan to rock your brand in 2011, but I say it’s good advice to act upon now. Here are a few takeaways and spin on Chris’ advice:

  • “Branding is a promise”: These four words form the center of your branding. You can call it a mission statement. But a promise goes to the core of what business is about. No one wants to break a promise. You’re not going to succeed unless you keep your promises.
  • Tools: Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media flavors are tools. Use them but don’t mistake them for your promise.
  • Handle with care: Be careful what your brand name promises. If you promise to be a Twitter expert, is someone going to come to you when they need an e-mail campaign? Make your niche about your customers not the tools you use.

Chris gives you enough in his post to create a plan for developing and promoting your brand. He especially has good thoughts on repetition and symbolism. But before you do, read Emily Brackett’s thoughts on how copy and design work can reinforce your brand.

Ant that’s all I got on branding this morning. Did I miss anything?

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