Social Media FTW: Why you need to go to my panel today

by Carl Natale on September 22, 2011

Created by Sean Wilkinson

Learn how to leverage your brand and ask questions about social media.

I am very proud to introduce to you this panel of experts on social media today at the Social Media FTW Fall Conference.

First off we have Tobin Slaven, owner of Mobile Marketing Maine. He has an interesting perspective on how small businesses can use social media to present their personal brands. It can give the Main Street businesses an unfair advantage over national brands and big box stores.

Second, Sean Wilkinson, a principal of Might & Main, can speak about brand authenticity in social media. It’s not so much about the tools but using voice, tone and personality. You know this is really important because you’re not going to gain anyone’s trust unless you have that authenticity.

And third, Allie Munier, the blogger who brings us Broke 207, has some valuable insights on interacting as a human being in social media. Her perspective makes social media more accessible. The way you already interact with clients is valid online.

All of this boils down to branding. And like it or not, we all have brands. Some personal. Some professional.

Business people have been using personal and professional brands for centuries. But what’s different today is that you can project that brand all the way around the world. Or you can focus it onto your neighborhood. Either way, social media can communicate your brand.

How does that work for your business? Come find me at 2:45 p.m. and find out.

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