Mike Daisey says he’s an artist, and his story about the working conditions of the Chinese workers who make iPhones doesn’t have to be 100 percent true.

What if Apple Ping isn’t just for music?

by Carl Natale on September 2, 2010

Apple is inserting a social network called Ping into iTunes. It will allow music fans to connect and follow musicians. It sounds pretty powerful. Apple should make sharing your music interests as easy as buying your music. And it gives the musicians a way to market directly to fans and find new fans. If this […]

You must read Roger Dooley’s post on how marketing can divide people and exploit that. It’s why Apple has become a religion: In neuromarketing terms, our brains are hardwired to WANT to be in one or more groups. Brands that can be positioned to put their customers into a group will find that their efforts […]