Why you need to write every day

by Carl Natale on February 2, 2011

write every day

Let's see. Am I writing or blogging today?

Blogging less often can improve your quality of writing. I put that in my presentation at Social Media Breakfast because it helps non-writers understand how important focusing on the audience is to their blog and business.

But Chantal Young has a good point when she recommended working on your blog every day. She suggests getting into it and just saving ideas as drafts to publish later.

Note she’s not saying to publish a blog post every day. She’s writing every day though. You should too.

Writing every day makes it a habit

Then it becomes easy to do. Not lying. Get into the habit and you can keep up content production easily.

What’s write

You don’t have to write full, publishable thoughts. Just create something that you can build upon later. For example:

  • Outline a blog post or two
  • Write a rough draft for a post
  • Adapt a post into a columnfor your local newspaper
  • Summarize your posts for your newsletter
  • Comment on other blogs or forums

When it comes time to publish a blog post, it’s easier to finish something you started on a previous day.

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