3 secret blogging tips that will get you more readers

by Carl Natale on February 23, 2011

Secret blogging tips

Don't tell anyone but these three blogging tips can bring more readers to your blog.

If you want to get more people to read your blog, here are three blogging tips that will help.

Make a list

Promising a finite list of tips or ideas is blogging gold. It lets people know you have specific advice and it ends. Putting the number of list items in your title tells readers that they will find useful content that won’t take a lot of their time.

Promise new information

What’s newer than a secret? Using words such as “new,” “secret” and “revelation” in the title makes your post about something they won’t know unless they read this.

It’s about “You”

No, not you. The readers. Using the word “you” tells them that the content is useful to the audience. If you really write useful posts that will help them, it won’t be hard to put the word in the title.

More blogging tips

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