Is your content right for the world?

by Carl Natale on February 7, 2011

Writing Tips for the World
Should you write with a worldwide audience in mind?

One of the best ways to make your writing more conversational and personal is to write to a specific person. Think of it as an e-mail not a blog post. This will help you connect better with a wide range of auciences.

So I am a bit at odds with a Social Media Examiner post that advises “Write for the World” as one of Debbie Hemley‘s 26 tips for more compelling content. This doesn’t quite jibe because:

  • It’s a bit intimidating to write something that can be read and understood by anyone in the world.
  • It encourages us to be more formal and stiff because we’re addressing a worldwide crowd.
  • It flies in the face of niche marketing.

But the tip has some good points you should consider:

Writing for the world can further be translated as banishing bias from your language; e.g., determine whether a group-specific reference is relevant, be exact, beware of false generalizations, use “us” and “them” cautiously, don’t make the characteristic the person, watch out for bias inherent in slang and other figures of speech, and don’t overcompensate.

via 26 Ways to Enhance Your Blog Content | Social Media Examiner.

Who you need to write to

Focus on your ideal reader (customer). Keep your connection to him or her. That connection stands a better chance of transferring around the world than if you go generic.

Be careful of communicating biases though. That won’t hurt your style or tone.

Who do you write to?

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