content curation

Is curation the new black?

by Carl Natale on March 13, 2012

Do curation tools better serve our storytelling instincts better than content curation tools (such as blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)? Everyone’s A Curator, Everyone’s A Content Creator It used to be that we were all just consumers—or most of us were, anyway. We’d watch TV or read a book or listen to the music on the […]

Content curation is nothing new to journalists. They’ve been scanning news wires and selecting the best to share with readers before Al Gore invented the Internet. So when a journalist from the Poynter Institute shares advice on content curation, pay attention. Julie Moos has great insight on balancing originality with curation and inclusion vs. exclusion. […]

Content curation is the act of monitoring many sources of content and sharing only the best sources.