Seth Godin

Why Seth Godin is wrong about ebooks

by Carl Natale on March 6, 2012

The marketing wizard may be right about the future of publishing but he’s underestimating how much desire there is – or will be – to publish ebooks.

Is it noise or is it signal?

by Carl Natale on November 29, 2010

Sometimes if you’re not solving the problem, you’re making it worse. The trouble is that we don’t always know how to tell the difference between solutions and complications. Seth Godin noted this very succinctly in an eye-opening post: I was talking to a colleague about all the noise out there in the world, all the […]

How I use mind maps to manage signals & ideas

by Carl Natale on August 30, 2010

I’ve been using mind maps lately to plan my ideas and work on projects. After researching the options, I picked MindNode and wrote about the options for Like I said, I use it plan ideas. I start with the idea name as the center node (topics are called nodes) and create nodes for tasks […]