Content curation is the act of monitoring many sources of content and sharing only the best sources.

Is it noise or is it signal?

by Carl Natale on November 29, 2010

Sometimes if you’re not solving the problem, you’re making it worse. The trouble is that we don’t always know how to tell the difference between solutions and complications. Seth Godin noted this very succinctly in an eye-opening post: I was talking to a colleague about all the noise out there in the world, all the […]

How bloggers can be part of the solution

by Carl Natale on October 14, 2010

Those damn bloggers. Mucking up the Internet so the rest of us can’t find anything useful. Oh, wait. I’m one of those bloggers. Probably part of the problem I am. The problem as defined by former Portland Press Herald reporter Paul Carrier: Here’s an example. After it was announced this week that novelist Howard Jacobson […]

Why people will pay you for filters

by Carl Natale on October 4, 2010

Information isn’t hard to find thanks to the Internet. We should thank Google for that. Their search algorithms have made information easy to uncover. That has created a world that allows us and makes it advantageous for us to share the information for free. And there is plenty of it. We’re swimming in it. This […]