Is curation the new black?

by Carl Natale on March 13, 2012

Do curation tools better serve our storytelling instincts better than content curation tools (such as blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)? Everyone’s A Curator, Everyone’s A Content Creator It used to be that we were all just consumers—or most of us were, anyway. We’d watch TV or read a book or listen to the music on the […]

Four lessons about creating content

by Carl Natale on April 26, 2011

There are a few more points from Friday’s Social Media Breakfast that are worth recapping. Create content that solves problems This is something that has been said here before. When I say to write instruction manuals for your customers, I’m parroting C.C. Chapman’s advice to “Solve, share but not shill.” It’s about knowing what questions […]

How to use QR codes to tell a story

by Carl Natale on April 25, 2011

I must apologize to Amy Vintinner, marketing manager at Sea Bags. I neglected her story when I wrote about C.C. Chapman’s presentation at Friday’s Social Media Breakfast. Because she’s doing good things with content. Favorite thing is taking photos of people using Sea Bags in the field and posting the photos on Facebook. That’s a […]

Learning about content marketing from Teddy Roosevelt

by Carl Natale on January 10, 2011

Theodore Roosevelt was very media savvy and would have recognized social media and blogging as great tools to tell his story