Why Seth Godin is wrong about ebooks

by Carl Natale on March 6, 2012

Seth GodinJeff Rivera has a pretty compelling interview with Seth Godin about how book publishing is changing.

He has a thoughtful point of view. But it goes a bit astray when Godin says, “When anyone can publish an ebook, anyone will.”

No they won’t.

Anyone can publish a blog, write a tweet, update a Facebook page or make a video. But they don’t. I know there’s an incredible amount of content out there – especially on YouTube. But the vast majority of content is created by a small minority.

The rest of the 99 percent don’t have the time, desire or guts.

Ebooks will just be another option that they don’t pursue.

I’m not sure how this impacts Godin’s other insights on book publishing. But he’s predicting a monsoon of ebooks that will make it economically unfeasible to keep the current business models.

I don’t know if there will be enough authors to make his predictions come true.

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