How I use mind maps to manage signals & ideas

by Carl Natale on August 30, 2010

I’ve been using mind maps lately to plan my ideas and work on projects. After researching the options, I picked MindNode and wrote about the options for

Like I said, I use it plan ideas. I start with the idea name as the center node (topics are called nodes) and create nodes for tasks and concepts that will guide the project. The resulting mind map helps me figure out where to start work.

It’s also handy for brainstorming. The mind map becomes a record of ideas and questions. Later when I’m ready to develop the idea, it’s a clear representation of what I was thinking. To me, it’s clearer than traditional notes.

via How to Use Mind Maps for Managing Ideas.

For example, I found a great Seth Godin post on “The management of signals.” Basically he outlines the need for someone to edit all the noise on the Internet down to valuable signals.

He defines how I want to make my living.

I outlined the post in a mind map that I use as a guide/mission statement. Today I applied for two blogging opportunities with pitches based upon management of signals. The map ensures I’m consistently on message.

Mind maps also contain the plans for sites I’m developing. Everything from tasks to mission statements are mapped and linked. It’s a very complete representation of what I need to do.

Your mileage may vary. But it’s an organizational method that works well for me.

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