Thank God you’re not an expert

by Carl Natale on November 12, 2010

I’m doing my best to avoid using the word expert. It’s got too much baggage. I understand there’s a lot to gain by being seen as an expert.

Notice that when you follow this approach, your audience views you as an expert, not simply as a pushy vendor. Your audience will be disposed to do business with you because you’ve won their trust. Not only are your messages cutting through the clutter, but you’re now planting them on fertile ground.

via Transform Yourself from Vendor to Expert – BusinessWeek.

Yeah that’s the Holy Grail. But you’re more likely to reach the same goals if you take a humbler tact. Concentrate on being helpful not on your qualifications. Experts are aloof and arrogant. Helpful people earn respect and thanks.

Customers want help. Be that helper, and you will get more business.

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