Social Media FTW Fall Conference

LinkedIn is a great tool for business, and you can learn how to make it more valuable.

Your audience doesn’t want your online video to be perrfect. They want to learn something. Focus on giving them valuable content.

Meet social media expert Tobin Slaven

by Carl Natale on August 19, 2011

[youtube]HksR5A-3p4c[/youtube] Tobin Slaven is the founder of Mobile Marketing of Maine and one of the Maine experts who will be part of the panel I’m moderating at Social Media FTW Fall Conference. I’m really interested in talking to Tobin about how businesses can use social media and marketing. You can too. Join us for an […]

This is going to be a good session that will be about more than privacy.

This is cool. I’m going to be moderating a panel of social media experts at the Social Media FTW Fall Conference. These are three people who will present their unique perspectives on using social media and answer your questions. Let me introduce the panel to you: Alexandra Munier is the blogger responsible for Broke 207 […]