LinkedIn CIA Agents: Experts who can help you get more out of LinkedIn

by Carl Natale on August 22, 2011

The Unofficial Guide to Social Media FTW Fall ConferenceLinkedIn is one of the most valuable business tools you will find on the Internet. And there is a workshop planned at Social Media FTW to help you get the most of it.


Carole MahoneyRick RobergeI have seen Carole Mahoney, president & CEO of Mahoney Internet Marketing, talk about LinkedIn and am looking forward to hearing more. She’s smart and has a lot of useful things to say. I don’t know Rick Roberge, a networking guru and sales coach, but am looking forward to what he has to share also.

I’m not new to LinkedIn. This is why I’m such a fan:

  • It’s my address book on steroids: It’s a great way to keep my contacts up to date. It also has a ton of information on everyone and what they do.
  • The Groups are good communities: These are good places to make new connections, learn about a subject and promote my content. If share a link to relevant, useful content in a group based upon a narrow niche, I get good traffic from it.
  • Answers rock: It’s a great Q&A forum that lets me research what I want to know and share what I do know.

I’m looking forward to learning how to take LinkedIn to the next level.

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