YouTube Marketing: The most valuable lessons about online video

by Carl Natale on August 20, 2011

The Unauthorized Guide to the Social Media FTW Fall Conference

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I’m looking forward to Rich Brook’s workshop on YouTube Marketing at the Social Media FTW Fall Conference.  Because I have a lot to learn.

That became obvious when I made a video to plug the social media panel that I’m moderating at the conference. The conference organizers asked presenters to make a video promoting the Social Media FTW. Smart. It’s a good way to get the word out and demonstrate the value of video.

After 17 takes, this my video:


Let’s call it a learning experience. And maybe it wasn’t so much about learning as much about remembering some things I already knew.

A lot of those takes were redone because of slips of the tongue, weird eye movements and creepiness. I had to stop judging myself so harshly and trying to be perfect.

These are sins that I often preach against while covering blogging and public speaking. Why are they sins?

Because these are selfish goals that are used to create excuses for not writing or speaking.

Your audience isn’t expecting perfection. They want to learn something. And I admit that during those 17 takes I was more worried about how I looked than what the audience can learn.

Now that I got that out of the way, I can concentrate on learning more about how to reach people with YouTube marketing. Check out Rich’s video to see how much I have to learn:



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