Social Media and Your Privacy: What your business can gain by learning more

by Carl Natale on August 17, 2011

J. Trevor Hughes on Social Media and Your Privacy.

J. Trevor Hughes will talk about protecting privacy. But you will learn about building trust.

I have heard J. Trevor Hughes speak at the Social Media Breakfast on social media in highly regulated industries and look forward to hearing more from him at the Social Media FTW Fall Conference.

Hughes is president and CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). And he has solid advice for any business using social media.

Basically, you need to build trust. Respecting your customers privacy – online and in real life – is a key part of building that trust. Here’s one of the key takeaways I had from that session on social media and privacy:

“It comes down to helping people and protecting their interests. Focus on that. Shape your messages accordingly. That’s what will make you or break you.”

This is going to be a good session that will be about more than privacy.

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You should also know

I will be moderating a panel of social media experts at Social Media FTW. Let me know what you would like to learn at the conference.

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