What if Apple Ping isn’t just for music?

by Carl Natale on September 2, 2010

Apple is inserting a social network called Ping into iTunes. It will allow music fans to connect and follow musicians.

It sounds pretty powerful. Apple should make sharing your music interests as easy as buying your music. And it gives the musicians a way to market directly to fans and find new fans.

If this works, why would Apple stop with music?

Look at what else Apple announced Wednesday. It will stream Netflix video and rent TV shows. I wonder if people like to discuss TV shows and movies. Is there any interest in following actors and actresses if you’re not a stalker or paparazzi? Too bad there isn’t a way to connect all these fans like Apple is doing for music.

“And one more thing…”

I say expand it into TV shows ASAP. Hell, rename it Gleek before Sept. 21. Because there you have a perfect storm – music, TV comedy, a new vocabulary and a devoted fan base. This is a community that can live on iTunes.

Why do you think Fox is one of the networks providing rentals for 99 cents?

Wait until American Idol starts. This can be the biggest mashup of music, TV, fan interaction and social networking yet. Look for polling functionality to make its way into iTunes.

Why I’m right

Look at Blip.fm and Pandora. These are clever ways to discover new music and share it. Ping could lead to a new wave of Internet radio stations where anyone can become a PJ (Ping Jockey – I made that up). Adding movies and TV shows could create new TV channels.

Why I’m wrong

Ping may tank. This may solve a problem that doesn’t exist for users.

I would love to hear why you think I’m wrong on this.

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