Why there is no iTunes for TV

by Carl Natale on November 13, 2015

I was listening to Walt Mossberg and Nilay Patel review Apple TV on the Ctrl-Walt-Delete podcast for The Verge. Three things that you need to know about this: Ctrl-Walt-Delete is one of the best titles ever. Yes they do discuss their reviews of the new Apple TV, but it does touch upon many issues about TV and media streaming. […]


It’s not a battle pitting real news vs. fluff

by Carl Natale on February 8, 2012

What determines success for Charlie Rose and CBS will be whether they create stories that viewers want to see. Sounds obvious but journalists have a way of letting arrogance and pride from understanding what their audiences consider to be real news. Will Charlie Rose Rise And Shine For CBS? : NPR Charlie Rose is known […]


What if Apple Ping isn’t just for music?

by Carl Natale on September 2, 2010

Apple is inserting a social network called Ping into iTunes. It will allow music fans to connect and follow musicians. It sounds pretty powerful. Apple should make sharing your music interests as easy as buying your music. And it gives the musicians a way to market directly to fans and find new fans. If this […]


Why you need to be nice to writers

by Carl Natale on August 20, 2010

The Wall Street Journal has a great story on what happens if you cross a television script writer. If you’re an actor, you get written out of the script. If you’re not famous, you become an unflattering character. Yes this sounds awfully passive-aggressive. But it gets explained beautifully in the last paragraph. This “We’re all […]