Benefits —


The following text is part of the rough draft of what I said at presentation I gave on Social Media and Social Learning. My speech most likely deviated from this due to memory failings and last-minute editing.

So by using these tools we saved some money on travel costs. But we added some complexity to the training. This might be a tough sell to your organization still.

Here are some ways to realize some more benefits.

First of all, it’s easier to reproduce the training. Once you create multi-media, real time presentations, you can save that content and turn it into interactive instructional manuals.

This helps your trainees with good reference material to reinforce the training. And it just might be good enough that you don’t have to schedule more real-time training. Maybe.

Second, remember the site Learnable that allows you to charge money for online courses? Maybe you can package and sell these programs.

You can either use Learnable or sell the interactive instruction manual. There are all kinds of models for doing this.

Third, this training content is now very shareable. It’s easy to distribute throughout your organization. And outside.

Like I mentioned before, it’s portable enough to sell. But you may want to make it available for free. Why?

It can help recruitment if job candidates already have been exposed to your training materials. And it’s a way to market your organization as one with a great deal of expertise. That just may be a the kind of reputation enhancement your marketing department is trying to foster.

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