Why no one really wants a social media strategy

by Carl Natale on August 16, 2010

Before you pitch a Facebook page or social media strategy to a client, you need to read this on-target, succinct blog entry by Chris Brogan. Here’s the first paragraph that should be your guide:

Here’s how I sell social media to companies: “I want to help you get more leads, and/or more sales.” When they say, “How much will it cost?” I say, “less than what you’re paying for mainstream advertising.” When they say, “Which technologies will you use?” I say, “Who cares? Let’s figure out how to help people buy more of what you’re selling.”

via It’s Not About the Mic.

It applies to more than social media. Web site developers would do so much better if they based their pitches on it. No business wants a web site. They don’t want a Facebook page or Twitter account. They don’t even want phones.

They want to sell more product. Concentrate the pitch on the message. Then figure out the medium that will deliver that message to a convertible audience.

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