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Here’s the scoop on why scoops don’t matter

by Carl Natale on June 17, 2010

Colin Woodward interviewed MaineToday Media publisher Richard Connor in Downeast Magazine. Just to be clear, I worked for the papers under Connor and two other ownership groups before leaving this year. Connor said something very interesting that I’m going to totally agree with: “I can’t be anything other than candid with you: Scoops don’t matter […]

Why Al Diamon is wrong about news aggregators

by Carl Natale on May 18, 2010

I’m working for the site as a content consultant. It’s a fun gig. Creating strategies and working with news. So it’s no surprise that I disagree with Al Diamon’s analysis in his Media Mutt blog. I know this is a bit late to be a response but I’m going to point out a few […]