What do you need to ride the Trek Across Maine?

by Carl Natale on May 2, 2010

Well you need to register and get the handbook. Yeah, there’s a handbook for all participants.

Apparently it’s pretty comprehensive. So comprehensive that almost every question that I asked of Kathryn Libby, director of development for the Lung Association of Maine, she responded with, “That’s all in the handbook.”

I was talking to her for  my Ask an Outdoorsman column on Trying the Trek. I was hoping to give anyone who wanted to do the Trek some inside info that would help them prepare.

But really all there is to it is riding your bike. Now. If you’re going to be ready for three, 60-mile days on a bike, you need to start riding – a lot.

Then on the Trek, all you need to do is stay on your bike and pedal. All the rest is left up to the small army of volunteers who help fix your bike, get you to your bunk each night and offer a ton of support.

Kathryn says they need about 200 more volunteers to make this happen. It’s a high energy event that benefits  a lot of people who are helping the American Lung Association. You can learn more and sign up at their web site.

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