Social Media & Remote Learning —

Social Media & Remote Learning

On April 19, I presented these slides before the Maine Chapter American Society for Training and Development. I focused on how to use social media to create remote learning programs. Below the slides is the text outline of the presentation.

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Hi, I’m Carl, and I’m a blogger

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Three things I need to explain:

  1. Journalism is like teaching
  2. Every one of my journalism jobs involved remote collaboration
  3. My job didn’t exist when I was in college. I learned it on my own.


Informal Learning vs. Formal Learning

Good story. Doesn’t work for everyone.

Can we use some of these elements in a more formal program?

What is social media?

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  • Email: Messages you can send 1-to-1 or 1-to-many
  • 140-character messages between people and crowds
  • Sharing content among real-life friends
  • Professional networking
  • Question and answer forums
  • Q&A forums with a focus on small business

Who would benefit from this training?

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Strong communicators and classic self-starters who are team-oriented

Do they have the tools?

  • Up to date computers
  • Broadband Internet connections
  • Right software
  • Firewalls get in the way

Do they have the skills?

  • Computer literacy
  • Familiarity with the apps

What is their pace of learning?

  • It’s going to be slower in remote classrooms

Can they learn on their own?

  • Trainees don’t have support of classmates


Putting social media to work for trainers

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  • Phone conferencing: More information at
  • Chat applications: More information at
  • Webinars: More information at
  • Video conferencing: More information at
  • Virtual Classrooms
    • for online lessons
    • allows you to create courses and charge for them
    • allows you to create courses and teach them live
    • mashes up video and presentation software for a fee
    • Mindflash lets you schedule live presentations
  • Post and share presentation slides
  • Microblogging: Short updates that allow trainees to ask questions and discuss the lessons

Skills needed to use social media in training

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  • Public speaking and writing
  • Video
  • Presentation software
  • Willing to learn
  • Troubleshooting
  • Organization


Enterprise tools

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The problem with social media is that it’s very public

Not exactly what you want

Some tools give you some security and privacy



Can project management apps help?


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Easier to reproduce training (Time Shifting)

Can you package and sell these programs?




Reputation enhancement


Reputation and personal development

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  • Social learning & virtual classrooms for learning more and sharing knowledge
  • Twitter for sharing resources
  • LinkedIn for sharing knowledge and being found
  • Quora for sharing knowledge
  • Facebook?


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Distance is a barrier.

Need two elements to overcome & succeed

  1. Communication
  2. Organization
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