Skills needed to use social media in training —

Skills needed to use social media in training

The following text is part of the rough draft of what I said at presentation I gave on Social Media and Social Learning. My speech most likely deviated from this due to memory failings and last-minute editing.

Like I said earlier, this doesn’t work well for all trainees. But what do the trainers need now?

  • Public speaking and writing: That hasn’t changed
  • Video: Knowing your way around a video camera and editing software can help
  • Presentation software: If you’re already comfortable with Powerpoint and Keynote – great. But putting together compelling slides takes on more importance in remote learning.
  • Willing to learn: You need to be willing to learn how to use new software and tools to get the job done. And you may have to be your own trainer.
  • Troubleshooting: Remember Murphy’s Law. Lots can go wrong.
  • Organization: Perhaps this is most important. All the other skills can be outsourced.
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