Reputation and Personal Development —

Reputation and Personal Development

The following text is part of the rough draft of what I said at presentation I gave on Social Media and Social Learning. My speech most likely deviated from this due to memory failings and last-minute editing.

Speaking of reputation enhancement. How would you like to learn some new skills and position yourself as one of these experts?

All of the tools and sites I mentioned earlier are great ways for you to keep up with your area of expertise. And you can share your knowledge to build a reputation of being helpful and knowledgeable.

So use Sophia and Learnable to develop new skills

Twitter is a great way for you to share resources and information. It will help you get known.

LinkedIn has tools for sharing knowledge and listing your skills and experience.

Quora and Focus allow you to demonstrate expertise and knowledge.

I’m not sold on Facebook professionally. You may gain some traction by creating a page to share information. But it doesn’t seem to translate as well as other tools.

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