My first day with my HTC Incredible

by Carl Natale on June 26, 2010

The HTC Incredible

The HTC Incredible

Today is the first day I got to set up and use my HTC Incredible phone. I’m a big fan of Apple products but I decided to go with Google’s Android system for cell phones.


  • We have a discounted Verizon account and are pretty happy with the coverage we get in Maine. Verizon has done very well for us in some remote parts of this state.
  • I have an iPod Touch and would like to understand what Apple and Android are offering. This is a big factor because I see mobile becoming a major factor in business.

What I think so far

  • This is an elegant device. Probably not as elegant as my iPod Touch. But HTC has put a lot of thought into this phone and it shows.
  • I’m a Google head and that alone is enough reason to buy Android. Everything I do in Google is now in the palm of my hand. The Google apps and functions on my Touch are a bit of a kluge and took some figuring out to set up.
  • The autofill/correct works a bit better on the Android keyboard. It gives me more than one option for finishing a word and kicks in more often.
  • While I’m on the keyboard, it has a shift function that is sweet. If I hold down a key, it will allow me to choose another option like a number or symbol or accented character. On the Touch, I need to hit a shift key then type the number or symbol and shift back to get a letter. This is enough to make me want to use simpler passwords. The Android keyboard rocks.
  • The mini-recessed joystick on the Incredible is kind of cool. I keep pressing it because I want to head back to the home screen. But I see myself getting used to it and using it more.
  • There is a GPS navigation app that probably has Garmin and TomTom thinking about getting into a new line of work. Maybe those devices can do better but this Android app is free with the phone.

Not all is rosy

I have a few nits to pick here. Some are things I have to figure out yet. It’s nothing worth a rant or complaint to HTC/Verizon about:

  • Yeah it’s a power hog. Turning on the GPS chip and using the navigation app really sucked the power down. But I knew this before I bought it. Reviews said users would have to recharge every night. I can live with that but I’m going to try to find some ways to save on juice during the day like putting the phone on airplane mode.
  • How do I turn this thing off? Really, I don’t want it on all the time. There’s a power switch that doesn’t truly turn it off. Got the feeling I’m going to feel like an idiot when I get the answer.
  • How do I stop the thing from vibrating when I use the keyboard? I have it turned off in the settings but it still shakes at each key. This should reduce battery drain.

I’m sure there will be more questions as I use it. But I will keep looking for answers. And I will keep you posted

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